Upcoming Childbirth Education Classes

Birth Partner Workshop

Enjoy an afternoon dedicated to increasing knowledge about birth and enhancing birth partner connection! 

In this workshop you will:

  •  Learn the stages of labor 
  • The role of Oxytocin (love hormone) during birth 
  •  Learn comfort measures for each stage of labor 
  •  Learn about verbal, non-verbal, and hands on support
  •  Practice counter pressure, massage, the Rebozo, breathing techniques, and labor/birth positions
  • Create heart-art and birth affirmation cards

Investment: $70 

Next Workshop: October  20th | 1pm - 4pm 

Studio 202 Community - 1761 Capilano Rd. North Vancouver

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Childbirth 101

In this class you will learn what you need to know to feel confident for birth & early postpartum, plus advise on creating + staying in balance as a parent.

You will learn:

  • Stages of labor 
  • What to expect from your care providers from the onset of contractions until your baby is in your arms
  • Natural ways to cope with the intensity of labor
  • Ways to prepare yourself prenatally so that you feel confident in your ability to birth your baby  
  • Birth partner support during + after birth 
  • Medical pain management 
  • Labor induction & augmentation 
  • What to expect from baby in the first several months
  •  Changes to your physical, emotional, and energetic body 
  • Relationship shifts and how to stay connected postpartum 
  • Cesarean Section: how to help prevent, what to expect from the procedure, your CS options + recovery 

This class is for all desired birth settings (hospital or home), all types of birth plans (medicated or natural), and choice of care provider (midwife, OBGYN, Family Doc).

This class runs over 5 weeks and each session is 2 hours long. 


Small Group $200

Privately $280

Participants receive a booklet outlining what is discussed in class, handouts, worksheets, and information on local birth and postpartum professionals & services that can support your journey. I am also happy to offer continued support via phone & e-mail after class to answer questions that may arise through to early postpartum.

Next Session:  Sundays November 3rd - December 9th | 2pm - 4pm 

No class on Nov 10th due to Sacred Pregnancy Min-Retreat

Studio 202 Community -  1761 Capilano Rd. North Vancouver

Questions? Feel free to contact with me! 

Small Group Class

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Sacred Pregnancy Mini-Retreat

Sacred Pregnancy is a beautiful and unique way to honour the journey from pregnancy to birth. This 2 day mini-retreat  focuses on preparing pregnant women for birth through connecting to the emotional and energetic self. The intention of the weekend is to leave with a newfound sense of confidence in your body’s intuitive knowing to birth, sisterhood that can be carried through to postpartum, and a lighter heart that is released of fear, anxiety, and concern for what rests ahead.

What happens during the mini-retreat?

  • Opening ceremony: Mindful gathering of participants and facilitator to check-in, make introductions, and prepare for course offerings.
  • Sacred space: Explore creating a personal sacred space at home, meditation practice + the benefits of journaling (you will create a collage candle)
  • Connection + expectations: Explore connection to yourself, the baby and the pregnancy experience + discuss your pregnancy expectations (you will create a sisterhood connection art piece)
  • Food + body image: Explore cravings, mindful eating, body changes + challenges (you will create menu cards  + experience witness dancing)
  • Relationships + romance: Discuss relationship shifts, romance and keeping the fire lit! (you will start to create HEART art, which your partner will help you finish at home)
  • Fears: Holding space to discuss all fears relating to pregnancy, birth and motherhood (you will burn your fears + do group EMPOWERMENT silk painting)
  • Forgiveness: Find the strength to forgive past hurts allow emotional space to open up BEFORE baby comes (ripping free + binding your pregnancy power “spirit stick”)
  •  Honoring: We explore emotional nesting, gender bias and mother blessings (personal power blessings + essential oils soak with flower crown creation)
  •  Sisterhood “ going to the bowl”: Join in with the sisterhood circle to allow deep reflection of the experiences shared together and going forward (going to the salt bowl)
  • Closing ceremony

Investment: $250. 

Cost includes all course materials, nutritious-healthy snacks, and vegetarian lunch, plus a lovely keepsake bag with a journal, Sacred Pregnancy book and items picked specifically for you to keep your learning and memories alive after the weekend. 

Next Mini-Retreat November 9th & 10th | 10am - 5pm 

Studio 202 Community - 1761 Capilano Rd. North Vancouver