Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum Support for an Embodied Experience

"I am passionate about supporting women as they cross the threshold into Motherhood. I believe birth is innately a natural-physiological process and when treated as such offers the opportunity to be a calm, grounded, and powerful initiation. I believe Mothers are strong beyond belief and that they deserve holistic support before, during and after birth. I am here to support those who crave a soul-centred, heart-felt, and evidence based experience of pregnancy, birth and postpartum." - Clara Johnson

Childbirth Classes for Couples


Explore your pregnancy and birth options in soul-centred and evidence based classes uniquely created to offer practical knowledge and experiential learning to help guide your birth journey. 

Birth Doula Support

pregnant woman

Receive seasoned doula care that seeks to educate and support an embodied journey through pregnancy, birth, and into postpartum. Supporting home births on the North Shore.

Prenatal Yoga Classes

prenatal yoga

Prenatal Yoga is a beautiful way to strengthen the body, mind, and spirit in preparation for birth and beyond. Expect to feel nourished and to come away with new knowledge that can help inform your pregnancy, birth and Motherhood journey! 

Postpartum Doula Support


Early postpartum is a time of intense physical, emotional, and relational change. A Postpartum Doula is there to support you and your family by offering guidance, education and skills to make the postpartum transition more easeful.  

Postpartum Vaginal Steaming


Vaginal Steaming is an effective preventive reproductive health practice that has a long history among many cultures worldwide. Research shows it helps with postpartum uterine restoration, weight loss, labia healing, cessation of uterine bleeding, alleviating suture discomfort and more! 

Mother's Circle


This circle is about finding support among like-minded women who are experiencing similar triumphs and struggles associated with healing after birth, being a Mother, and nurturing a young child. Babies are more than welcome to attend! 


Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training 25 Hrs. with Clara Johnson

This 25 hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training explores yoga during the childbearing year in a framework of inclusivity and acknowledges birth as a transformational life threshold. This training is for anyone looking to learn not only how to teach yoga to pregnant bodies, but those wanting to explore their views about pregnancy and birth, learn tools to support an embodied birth experience and much more! This training seeks to inspire continued education on topics related to pregnancy, birth and postpartum and aims to illuminate the complexity, sacredness, and strength of the childbearing body. 

Upcoming Training Dates 

The Yoga Root - 850 Harbourside Dr. North Vancouver |  Saturday February 2, 9, 16, 23 | 11am - 5pm 

Studio 202 Community - 1761 Capilano Rd. North Vancouver | Sunday March 15 22, 29, April 5, 12 | 12pm - 6pm 

Meet Clara Johnson

I have been a birth worker for over a decade. In this time, I have learned first hand the power women hold within their bodies, souls, and hearts. Women are powerful as they take tiny cells and grow them into beautiful-vibrant babies, they are powerful as they labour in alignment with their inner knowing and innate wisdom, and they are powerful as they ride the waves of Motherhood striving to nurture beautiful human beings. 

I am on a mission as a Mother, woman, birth worker, and someone who cares deeply about this world to support women in aligning with their fullest self as they cross the threshold into Motherhood. The female body is intelligently designed to birth healthy-thriving babies and to recover fully postpartum. At times women desire woman-centred support and  I am here to offer just that. 

I am a seasoned doula,  Mother of two young boys, and over the moon passionate about birth as a threshold into a new sense of awareness, inner strength and courage. 

I would be honoured to support you on your unique journey! 

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