Evidence-based information about pregnancy & childbirth offered through a soul-centred lens. Make Motherhood a journey that  EMPOWERS you! 

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Attune to your inner Self + connect deeply to your baby as you embark on a weekend focused on letting go of all that no longer serves your pregnancy + birth journey and embark on a journey of sisterhood, intuitive knowing, and strength! 


This is not your typical childbirth education class! This 5 week class compliments "standard" prenatal education classes. Here we focus on enhancing partner connection as you explore pregnancy & birth topics plus get ready for the arrival of your little one. 


Prepare yourself as a couple for the life changing experience of birth and parenthood! This weekend intensive prenatal class offers all you need to know to fill your mind + heart about birth and the early postpartum. 


Prenatal Yoga is a beautiful way to strengthen the body, mind, and spirit in preparation for birth and beyond. Expect to feel nourished and to come away with new knowledge that can help inform your pregnancy, birth and Motherhood journey! 


Birth Partner Workshop is a 3 hour childbirth education workshop centred on offering birth partners the skills they need to effectively support a labouring woman. We discuss + practice comfort measures such as massage, counter pressure, labor/birth positions, breathing and more!


In this class you will learn what you need to know to feel confident in entering your birth and early postpartum experience.  We will go over the stages of labor and what to expect from the onset of contractions until your baby is in your arms plus much much more!

Meet Clara Johnson

My mission is to prepare pregnant persons to birth in awareness and have an embodied experience of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

I'm not interested in how you give birth, where it takes place, or who your care provider is. I am interested in whether you feel prepared to make the decisions that align fully with your heart & soul. I want you to travel through pregnancy and into birth +  postpartum with a 'I got this mentality!" and when something new or unexpected happens that you have the awareness to stay centred and feel in control of how things will proceed in the future. 

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